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A Higher Education in UK, US and Canada.

Rakesh Sharma

Rakessh Sharma


Welcome Students,

Thank you for taking your precious time to visit our website. The 1st question to your mind will be is Virtue Education a right place to be? Yes 100% you are at the right place and not only that from here our association will be ongoing and hopefully throughout as you become successful in your career.

I understand each of your aspirations and dreams you have for your career; I have personally gone through the same. I was born and educated in India completed Bachelor and master’s degree and working with well renowned organisations like Bosch, TATA’s and Standard Chartered in India and UAE. Don’t get me wrong my journey was not that easy and straight forward, I come from very humble background.

Later I studied master’s degree from UK. We have our offices in US, UK and India, so we can always able to support you as and when you need us.

Aim of  Virtue Education is genuinely to serve the students and empowering them with the quality education and training, so they can fulfil their aspirations. Our team at Virtue Education is highly professional, caring and always guide you to the best.

Yours sincerely

Rakessh Sharma

Abroad Education